Established in 2010, Naturalis was started by a group of doctors passionate about the power of natural ingredients. We believe nature defines living and the ingredients of human health lays within nature itself. We only use the best raw materials, sourced from the finest suppliers in the industry. We source premium nutraceutical ingredients from around the world, all of which have been the center of natural efforts- just like the Naturalis name implies.
Today, Naturalis confidently remains true to its long tradition of helping families naturalising their lifestyle by delivering pharmaceutical quality products at affordable pricing.

Naturalis Quality Control/Assurance

At Naturalis, everything we do, we do it for you. With our decades of experience in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, we are able to implement the same quality control, food-grade compound extraction, herbal genetics, and industrial manufacturing methodologies in cannabinoid and astaxanthin, and deliver quality health products at an affordable price.
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